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Fundraising Committee
Flor Ayuda has a Fundraising Committee, consisting of people who feel connected to Guatemala and the Mayan people. The Fundraising Committee raises money by sponsoring fundraising activities, giving lectures, and advising others who wish to undertake a fundraising activity.

AGDI With our help AGDI (AsociaciĆ³n Guatemalteca de Desarrollo Integral) plans various projects based on local needs. They then ask for our sponsorship. After a project is approved, we raise funds to enable its realization. AGDI implements the projects and issues status reports to Flor Ayuda . Board members make periodic visits to Guatemala to monitor and evaluate the projects locally. Read more...

What exactly do we do? We assist in the operation of schools for elementary, intermediate, and vocational education. We also have a scholarship program. We support a clinic in El Milagro, and sponsor various courses for personal development of women. Read more about our projects...

Our vision?
Works towards education!