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Clean drinking water
"AGDI drinking water projects started in 1975. There was no public or drinking water. After many years of searching and begging, financial aid has come from Switzerland, Austria and The Netherlands. Clean drinking water is now available in El Milagro, Lo de Bran, Chahal and Sacoj. Cooperatives manage these facilities. "

And ... the education
"Lack of education is a major obstacle towards progress. Since 1998 Flor Ayuda has contributed to building seven schools. A small class in our garden eventually led to an elementary school, the "Escuela Dr. Bloem" as well as a school for vocational technical education, the "Instituto Tecnológico Dr. Bloem". Each year these schools educate 750 children ages three to twenty. Half of the students are girls, also at the vocational school. In addition, we organize women courses. All are offered the opportunity to amass knowledge and to earn a certificate enabling them to provide for themselves and their families. "

Having people locally...
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